Most programs from the Masjid will be broadcast through Mixlr for sisters at home and those who are unable to attend the actual event at the Masjid.

Previous Masjid programs available to download

Zakat workshop: Delivered by Maulana Ebrahim
24th August 2018
Very informative talk on who is eligible to receive Zakat, but more importantly, who is eligble to pay Zakat! You may think you are not, but listening to this discourse may make you think otherwise

Saviours of the islamic spirit: By Maulana Zubair
20th May 2018
Informative series of lectures on the history of islam after the time of our Prophet (PBUH) and the4 rightly guided Khalifas

Surah Baqarah: By random internet guy
22nd June 2018
Mashallah, a beautiful recitation of surah baqarah. May Allah give us all the ability to recite with such beauty. Ameen

Surah Yaseen: By Zafar
23rd June 2018
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